New product launched - "Zhu" series


DARKOO "Zhu" series

The light moves people

For one thing, lighting can create a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere

On the other hand, the appearance of the light itself is intoxicating

For example, in this case, the spot itself is decorative

 wall washer light

We often see some on the Internet and TV series

"Internet celebrity" lamps

These products are also popular among young users

 table lamp

And we also know that there are multiple levels of lighting

A perfect home space lamplight, should have: basic illume, key illume, function illume and atmosphere adornment illume.

They may not be there to light up a place

But to add flavor, add light and color to the space.

In recent years in foreign popular high-end decoration products

OCCHIO, for example

Wow the user with its pure, well-defined light spot

 floor lamp


DARKOO "Zhu" series

We provide complete optical solutions for this type of product development

Let's take a look

This is complete with PMMA lens optics for decorative luminaire types

wall washer light


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